Chiado – the heart of Lisbon Culture

A walk at the Baixa do Chiado is a mandatory tour to who visits Lisbon. The bohemian neighborhood stays 15 minutes’ walk from our apartments, or two subway stations away if you prefer like this.

The neighborhood is the core of romantic Lisbon since 19th century. The baroque architecture brings a classic atmosphere dating back prior centuries on buildings plenbty of History, mixed with modern shop windows and all the vibration of street artists, artisans and secular businesses provide an unique experience to whom runs the stone slopes.

It`s a commonplace to find a store that made and still makes part of cultural European History, like the Bertrand, oldest bookstore in the world, visited by hundreds of tourists and locals every day and offers a culture-fest in each of its seven rooms, each one of them dedicated to one big Portuguese author.

The local trade has an enormous variety of businesses to all tastes and needs. Since great fast fashion networks, centenary artisans, supermarkets, organic stores, traditional Cafes and whatever you can imagine.

Great spaces of History and Culture are available every other step. From the funny Beer museum to the ruins of the Carmo Convent, there are museums, theaters, centenary churches, and huge historic buildings, ready to charm all kinds of visitors.

Other outstanding attraction are the sculptures, squares and cul-de-sac every corner. The ride in a trolley with a guide will allow exploring our streets and living all the vibration that you can find in the historic streets.

What to see

Basilique Our Lady of the Martyrs

Around the neighborhood there is the Basilique Our Lady of the Martyrs, gradually built from 12th century. In baroque and neoclassic style, it stays on the spot where used to be the cruzader`s camp who took part at the Lisbon`s siege.

Saint Charles National Theather

Two minutes away to south at the Street Serpa Pinto, you can find the Saint Charles National Theather, built in 18th century, on neoclassic and Rococo style, one of the few  that remains authentic since it`s construction.

Enter in the main opera room, exactly as it was attended by kings, nobles and new bourgeois. In those days, those were the elite that watched the Opera. In the central area is located the Royal Tribune, that kept the drapes closed until the arrival of the Royal Family.

Culture and a great time

Visit the Chiado is certain of fun and culture to all tastes. Amazing restaurants, cozy cafes, a view that will take your breath away, shopping and learning everywhere make this neighborhood an essential visit to whom wishes to really see the Portuguese capital.

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