The advantages of establish a partnership with Morgan-Jupiter Apartments

There is no discussion that 2020 was an atypical year for the companies all over the world. We had to reinvent ourselves, to find out new ways to accomplish the job and keep the team working together in times of social distancing. Gradually, we found a “new normal” and old habits are allowed again with a new face. This is the moment to find more intelligent ways to set the business we always did. To set advantageous partnerships is a great start when it comes to get back the wasted time and restart in full power. Business trips and classroom training are starting over, as it couldn’t be different, and an efficient solution on accommodation becomes vital. The advantages that evolve this collaboration range from the cost savings to satisfaction and productivity of the employee.

* Cost savings

When you realize a partnership with Morgan-Jupiter the company gets exclusive benefits that include:

Progressive discounts – how bigger the number of stays, days reserved and business volume, bigger are the discounts

Parking – the cost of our parking reduces proportionally to the number of reserved stays

Exclusive rewards – our partners enjoy exclusive advantages that reduce the cost and increase the comfort during your stay.

Comfort – when staying in a decorated and equipped apartment, the staff member feels like home, where he can be perfectly relaxed after a work day. The convenience of a team assisting and providing so their only concerning will be produce as well as they can on the days spent in Lisbon

* Food

To be able to prepare their own meal or order delivery among the dozens of restaurants around the building may be the difference between a quiet, peaceful, healthy meal and a crowded room when you need silence and privacy while eating dinner.

* Privacy

Only guests and our team have access to the building, so, walking through our halls gives you the same privacy that your own apartment provides.

* Personal Service

When becomes a partner, since the first reservation the guest is attended directely by the team present in each moment of the stay, with no intermediary. It will be our pleasure do all possible to fill the needs of our guests.

* Associates

The Morgan-Jupiter has partners that may turn your stay in Lisbon even more comfortable. Excellent restaurants in the neighborhood, transfer, executive driver and tours are offered to the client and can be reserved by our team especially for our guests.

* Location

Our apartments are located among the best addresses in Lisbon, next to fairs, expositions, offices, famous stores and restaurants. It has still the facility of the access to public transportation that allows a quick trip to any of the main spots in town.

To establish a partnership that will bring financial advantages, comfort and facilities to the team has always been important and, at this moment it’s vital to keep business on track. To be able to keep a transit team healthy and satisfied, security and practicality are something to search incessantly and the Morgan-Jupiter is ready to contribute to this target.

Morgan-Jupiter Apartments in Lisbon