Why stay in an apartment when visiting Lisbon?

The demand raising for season apartments is given to a bigger convenience and expenses control, comparing with traditional hotels on long stays. In a serviced apartment, travelers can enjoy more space and privacy, what makes brings the traveling stress down.

When you stay at Morgan Jupiter, enjoy comforts equivalent to a 4 star hotel

Reason 1: Food

One of the main benefits of the season apartments in comparison to hotels is the kitchen fully equipped.

Prepare healthy meals in your own apartment instead of eat out everyday is amazingly good for your body and your health,

Reason 2: Budget

Apartments with services provide a better cost-benefit ratio than the traditional hotels, specially on long term stays.

Morgan-Jupiter Apartments aren’t only 35%, in average, cheaper than a 4 stars hotel in Lisbon, but also offer bigger space. The longer the stay, bigger is the saving when you choose an apartment with services.

Reason 3: Home comfort

The Morgan-Jupiter Apartments give you the option to choose the number of rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a beautifully decorated living room that will make you feel at home.

There is nothing better than feeling going back home at the end of a long day.

Fully equipped kitchen

Sofa bed


Bathroom with amenities


Dinning table with chairs

Air conditioning in bedroom and living room

Reason 4: More space, more comfort

Obviously, a serviced apartment offer a lot more space than a hotel room.

Standard size18m218-35m236.88-70.28m2

Reason 5: Traveler satisfaction

Despite the cost is an important factor, the guest experience is considered by most travel managers as an equal significance. At the end of the day, a happy traveler professional is a productive professional.

Reason 6: Privacy

Having your own apartment means extra privacy. The number of people in the building will be considerably shorter and obviously there isn’t the same amount of public areas. That will also make you feel at home, in your space, then you may feel like a local!

Which amenities matter the most?

1. Reliable Wi-Fi

Connectivity is the #1 demand. Our high speed wifi serves the whole building, what allows you enjoy HD videos in multiple devices at the same time.

2. Laundry

Do your laundry during a trip gives you the advantage of carrying less luggage, reuse your favorite clothes and go back home with less dirt laundry.

In each apartment there is a laundry machine, floor clothesline, hangers, iron and ironing board.

3. Good pillows and comfortable bed sets.

Nothing is better than rest your head in a comfortable bed and have the deserved rest after a long day of work or fun. Recharged batteries to restart everything in the next day.

Choose a full apartment is a trend that grows as new travelers know it and understand it’s unquestionable advantages. A serviced apartment will bring together the privacy of a rented property, without giving up the comfort of a traditional hotel.

Morgan-Jupiter Apartments in Lisbon