Work trip with hand-luggage only

Planning a trip for work or vacation always evolves many steps: book a hotel, tickets, itinerary and, at the end, the luggage. Some people don’t resist to bring the house along with themselves, there are those who rather to travel light and to carry only the tooth brush and a credit card. For most of us, the only possible choice is to travel ready to face everything and avoid to pay excess luggage. Anyway, when you travel only with your hand bag, you save time and energy, and also avoid the problem of lost luggage.

What really matters is that if you follow some simple tips, you can travel a week (or even more) carrying only one small suitcase fulled with everything you need, without giving up comfort and style.

Step 1 – Raise informations

Weather, appointments and structure are fundamentals to decide what can’t miss in the suitcase. On a travel trip it’s important to considerate your own field dresscode, if important meetings, visits to clients or what kind of trainings will happen. Nobody wants to rush into a store to buy a blazer because forgot about the formal reunion in the second day and has a suitcase fulfilled with t-shirts. A realist and detailed timeline will allow you to set an efficient luggage, with no excess or lacking items.

To be aware of the weather on the days you will be here will avoid to have a hard time. On spring and autumn time, for example, the weather shift are common, when the day goes from fresh to hot and vice versa em a matter of minutes. A clever traveler will be ready for that. In our gentle winter, a good coat and a pair of low hill boots will assure comfort in any occasion in most of the days. In closed places, a medium sweater will be enough.

To know the place where you will stay and the environment where will spend most of the day also helps to avoid hard times and exageration. If you have a laundry machine available, there is no reason to bring a complete change of clothes for each day of travel. There is nothing simpler than to put your shirt to laundry at the end of the day, then put it on fresh and clean in the next morning.

Planning what to do other than working is always a good idea. Since our city is beautiful, it deserves to be enjoyed in the times off that will definitely happen.

Step 2 – Maximizing the space and the pieces

A hand luggage goes from 8 to 23 kilos, depending on the country and company. The most common is something around 10 kilos and this is the amount we are working with on this article. Even more important than the weight, optimize the space available in the luggage is essential to pack everything you need.

Some important details help to make worth every millimetre that you have in your bag.

The heaviest pieces will be set at the bottom of the suitcase – jeans, twill, coats and knitting will be better packed if they form a base for the next and smaller pieces. Even better if the most bulky coat is used during the travel. It spares you from get cold at the airport and saves precious space in the suitcase.

Rolls – they are perfect to transport t-shirts, underwear, dresses, gym suit and other light garments, it also makes use of every single corner of the bag.

Shoes – protected by an appropriate bag, or even by the supermarket bag, they can be put on the sides and even hold socks, handkerchiefs, sunglasses (in cases) and other accessories that stay well kept, save space and don’t let the shoes to deform during the trip. A golden tip is always use your boots and biggest coat during the flight, so you don’t need half the space in the suitcase to accommodate them.

Makeup – we love many options to choose all the time, but when you have to be practical, this will have to wait for another moment. Chose a basic set with neutral eyeshadows, foundation, blush, mascara, one or two lipsticks (one mouth color and another darker are usually my choice) and a highlighter are usually enough to face any situation;

Creams and hair products – doesn’t hurt to remember that it’s forbidden to carry flasks over 100ml, and, beyond that most hotels and season apartments provide basic products for hair and shower, but if you make a point about using your own chosen products (trust me, I get it), travel flasks are indispensable. If their size isn’t enough for the days you will need, buy a small size on some drugstore at the destination and hope you can use it until the end. Wrap it all in a transparent pack, set the locks so it doesn’t spill and be happy.

When you choose your pieces, don’t forget to coordinate them and select outfits that go from one appointment to the other. A pencil skirt goes from the formal office to a walk, you just have to change the blouse for a t-shirt and the pointy shoes for a pair of sneakers. That same skirt goes to a party with a fancy top and powerful sandals. For men, a folded cuff and a pair of sneakers turn the suit trousers into a stripped outfit and is perfect for the evening.

How much to bring?

For one week we prepared those lists:

Men (formal)

1 suit

1 pair of jeans

3 shirts

2 ties

1 pair of shoes

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair of flip flops

5 pieces of underwear

3 pairs of social socks

2 pairs of sports socks

2 t-shirts

1 pair of shorts or khakis

1 belt

On the winter, you add:

1 termical

1 coat

2 sweaters

Sponge bag with hygiene and personal care

Of course this list is absolutely generalized and you should adapt it to your own necessities. In a informal setting you will exchange the suit for a jacket and a pair of jeans and the shirts for a few more t-shirts or a vest. The most important is to think about what you really need in a week at work.

Women (formal)

1 Tailleur or a suit

2 shirts

2 blouses

2 t-shirts

1 pair of jeans

1 shorts

2 tailoring trousers or skirts

1 dress

1 pair of pointy shoes

1 pair of flats

1 pair of flip flops

1 pair of sneakers


Sponge bag with creams, hygiene and personal care products

Makeup set

In the winter





Boots (witch I recommend to wear on the travel)

Pashmina or scarf

Once again, this is a generalized list and will work better adapted to yourself. The point is that it shows how you can be dressed up in any occasion and enjoy the opportunity to visit our beautiful Lisbon. just don’t forget about the comfortable shoes. Our streets deserve to be seen by walking and comfort will always help you to reach far.

How to reuse the pieces

All our units have laundry machine and the necessary products, however, even with this advantage, sometimes the time isn’t enough and it’s almost impossible take care of the laundry during the week. Some tricks may help a lot.

  • Refresh the pieces – hang the shirt in the bathroom with the shower on will make the steam work on the use marks.
  • Barrier – to wear a cotton t-shirt under it will stop the sweat to reach the shirt. It will allow you to wear it a few times before it’s necessary to wash the piece.

What not to bring

If the idea is to carry only the cabin luggage, there are some really importante restrictions to remember. Each country and company have their own rules, so it’s recommended to check them. In a general way cutting objects, over 100ml liquid, explosives and flammable are not allowed. So, it’s always a bad idea to bring the complete flask of shampoo, knife, metal sandpaper, lighter or anything that can cause problems.

What you can’t forget

Personal documents – passport, driver’s license and health insurance

Remédios – prescription drugs, pain killers, a small flask of saline solution, eye drops and some band aids can really make your life easier.

Chargers for cellphones and other devices

Socket Adapter

Cash in local currency

Lastly, enjoy the city, the trip, the comfort of the apartment, work hard, learn and develop in your career. Travels are perfect for this. Worry less with what you bring and to be free to search what you will carry with you is always a great choice.

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